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THE skin care ingredient for getting your glow on, glycolic acid has fast become a key ingredient in many radiance-boosting formulas and beauty buffs' regimes – and with good reason. A member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family (often coined AHA for short), it's primarily an exfoliant; dissolving the sebaceous 'glue' that binds dulling dead cells to skin's surface and revealing the shiny new skin cells beneath. Brightening lacklustre complexions, fading the appearance of scars and smoothing skin texture are perhaps it's better known (and high-performing) talents, but it's also a dark horse in the world of blemish-reducing and youthifying skin – a high-achiever if ever there was one! Before you get started, take note: glycolic tingles on initial application - it's a sign it's doing something 'proper' and something that best-loved, glycolic-loving brands {Alpha-H} and {Pixi} have embraced. You may see a little redness and feel some mild irritation - but this should only last for a few minutes and reduces as your skin gets acclimatised. For more info on glycolic acid click {here}.

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