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Many of us will experience breakouts at some stage - just when you think you've escaped, your hormones play havoc and, hey presto! - you've arrived at blemish central (sigh). When it comes to the best treatment for spots, there are a number of ways you can tackle the scourge on skin's clarity. The first is - embrace it! We think it's about time we normalised them and stopped airbrushing skin to oblivion. There's nothing wrong with pimples so don't let them knock your confidence. The second? Consult a specialist to pinpoint the cause (the best blemish treatments involve making dietary changes), then minimise symptoms with targeted treatments. Discover our multitude of spot-zapping gadgets, cleansers, serums and masks designed to deal with those dreaded red bumps - then swot up on {six types of spot} (and the best ways to deal with them).

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